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I write copy and shun puns.

Tech, lifehacks, art, cinema, LGBTQ & feminism

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The drive of these three Divergent Academy interns will change your mind about Gen Z

A company is defined by its team — the lighter the mood is, and the tighter-knit the team is, the better the odds are for the company to thrive.

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10 Lessons Learned from Making a Pact with a Brand – T-Me Studios – Medium

The biggest takeaway from our #CumArZiceSmiley (WhatWouldSmileySay) campaign is that a brand partnership is as much about controlling what you can as it is about going with the flow.

1200x0 00 75 article De vorbă cu și despre startup-uri

[Ro article] The future we can glimpse at by reading into the brand emoji trend

Img 5034 19 04 17 10 33 article

Comunicarea de la emoticon la sticker - de unde şi, mai ales, până ...

[Ro Article] How did we get from typing in :) to the emoji we're using to spruce up our convos today - and stars use to reach new auds?

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10 exemple de emoji care fac viata mai frumoasa si in afara telefonului

[Ro Article] The ways emoji are spilling into our offline day-to-day and making it better

Social media holiday article

5 reasons why social media pros travel with an Android phone | AndroidGuys

For social media marketers in particular, holidays are great opportunities to make some noise about your brand without breaking a sweat!

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There’s no ‘I’ in T-Me, But There’s a ‘We’ in Our Awesome Sauce — Here’s the Recipe! – Medium

How T-Me Studios has become a beacon of change in the Romanian landscape as far as its emphasis on company culture as the be-all-end-all of a thriving business.

Ioanina halloween buzzfeed article

The 5 Types Of Men To Spend Halloween With (a Feminist Perspective)

A sticker-ized list just for the fun of Halloween :)

Ioanina tmestudios redraw article

With Over 1 Million Installs In less Than A Month Redraw Keyboard Is Setting New Standards

An interview I gave about a cool new Android app called Redraw Keyboard.

Dremodeling basement reading chair 700x467 article

From Storage to Fun Hub!

The trick to using red is scatter it throughout, just enough to pop, but not enough to overwhelm!

Cover image article

ASO Case Study: 200% Rise in App Installs in Two Months

Much has been written about apps’ fruit-fly lifespan in the App Store. But...

Patrick abreast comingout stories3 article
The Huffington Post

Guns Blazing, Cameras Shooting -- Coming Out in Romania

Guns Blazing, Cameras Shooting -- Patrick smiles in a Bucharest pub...

Berlin film journal the tribe plemya 1 article

Soundless Dialogues and Loud Cinematic Statements of Ukrainian ...

Soundless Dialogues and Loud Cinematic Statements o...

Popoptiq twenties movie guide gregg araki kaboom article

A Movie Guide to Your Never-Ending Twenties

An avid student of the depiction of youth in movies, I’ve taken to calling the twenties, as we live them nowadays, the benties...

Two friends garrel deux amis bromance2 article

Louis Garrel's Two Friends - Bromance with a French Twist

This is a movie about loneliness, and those few fleeting chances we get to share ours with someone else’s...